Harvard Personal Genome Project Public Database Snapshot


View the live application with the latest snapshot here. Please allow a full two minutes for the application to load — until then, the dropdown menus will not work.

Public Database Snapshot of the Harvard Personal Genome Project

This is a project to store periodic database snapshots from the Tapestry site of the Harvard Personal Genome Project. This project does not include the whole genome files or other whole genome data. Raw genome data or user provided files can be downloaded from other locations. Included in this database snapshot are pointers (often in the form of a URL) to the whole genome files, user uploaded files and reports for each.

This project collects all publicly available tables and other information in a central location and consolidated form. The following files are available:

SQLite3 Database

* HU-PGP-Tapestry.sqlite3 – a SQLite3 database of all public information. See the schema for details.

Individual tables as tab-delimited values

* allergies.tsv
* conditions.tsv
* demographics.tsv
* immunizations.tsv
* lab_test_results.tsv
* medications.tsv
* public_datasets.tsv
* survey.tsv
* user_files_null_locator.tsv
* user_files.tsv
* users.tsv

Compact Report Summary

* ge-suff-hu-map.csv
* ge-suff.json
* ge-insuff-hu-map.csv
* ge-insuff.json

Each of the database snapshots are stored in a date stamped folder.